Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

My parents have had an Ionic Detox Foot Bath for 2-3 years now. They try to give themselves a detox foot bath at least once a week, and on the days that they do one (40 minutes) my mom says she feels lighter in the feet and happier in the mood. Dad isn't quite so analytic but his Parkinson's tremors do seem to be lighter on the day and even the following day that he takes a foot bath. The only problem with giving him a foot bath is that he has to get up quite early in the morning before he starts taking his schedules medicines for the day in order that the foot bath won't detox/remove the necessary drugs from his system. He needs those drugs, sad to say. And after taking a foot bath, he's quite exhausted and sleeps for about 2 hours, but when he wakes up, he's more alert than usual.

I've taken the foot baths too when I'm at home, and also feel better - like my mom, lighter in the foot but in general more alert. It's rather disgusting the amount of detoxing that comes from the feet. To do the detox, of course you need the ionic detoxer, 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt to activate the tub of warm water, an electrolyte drink (because of candida I can't do the frequently used drinks so fresh squeeze a lemon in a quart of water) to drink throughout the detox in order to keep electrolytes in the body and to stay properly hydrated, a 40-minutes timer, and a book to read! More specific directions are in the following picture:

The ionic detoxer is to be used a maximum of 45 minutes as it not only pulls toxins out of the body but much needed minerals and electrolytes. 45 minutes max!

This last picture showed a lot of black, brown and orange particles which, according to the printout, suggest that I am detoxifying from my liver (heavily) and from my joints. There's also a bit of white foam although I have to say it's rather minimal compared to last summer! The white foam suggests detoxing from my lymphatic system. When the water is poured down the toilet (it's toxic so not to be poured into a sink), white particles or red flecks or black flecks can be seen which reflect detoxing from other body areas - refer to chart below for more clarity.


  1. ah! i have been curious about this too! that's so wonderful your parents have this so you can potentially use it when you see them!

  2. The lady who sold this to us runs her own health food store/center and told us about a little old man who would faithfully bring his wife every other day for this thereapy. (BTW, this cleansing is only recommended to be used a couple times a week b/c it strips the electrolytes as well as the toxins). The little wife never talked, but after I think it was 3-4 weeks of detoxing with the foot bath, she started to talk! I don't much care for testimonials, but when your friends tell you something they've witnessed, then things start getting credible!

  3. There are some who are still uncertain about the efficiency of an ionic detox foot. But as what you have noticed these days, it’s really growing in popularity. More and more people are considering it as one of the effective ways to get rid of body toxins. I personally love it, because after the foot bath, I always have a high energy level and come out feeling relieved from pain and discomfort.

  4. On days when I used this I felt very light afterwards, and had an extra bounce in my step. My dad with Parkinson's also benefitted a lot, but after the detox session, he was wiped out and had to take a nap. I think it messed with his electrolytes more than other people, and also he's very sensitive to vibrations, which there are low-key vibrations in the water. After waking from his nap though and drinking 2-3 packages of Emergen-C, an electrolyte mix, the rest of the day was great for him!

  5. Toxicity is rampant in our modern world. We are surrounded by toxic chemicals and pollutants. Having Detox Foot Bath at your home will really help a lot in detoxification.

  6. Hi- thanks for this post! A few quick questions for you:
    I've been diagnosed with systemic candida (stool test). It was Geneva and results indicated 3, which she said means I have a pretty severe case. It feels like a severe case! Blood test came back negative, but I've heard they're not really reliable.I don't what caused the negative result--faulty testing or if it just means the candida isn't in my blood.

    I'm all for natural, healthy, organic eating and healing. I eat organic smoothies for breakfast (beets, carrots, greens and kefired coconut water), for lunch one sweet potato or scrambled eggs with sliced veggies and greens and for dinner brown rice with cut up raw vegetables and a little flax oil. I eat home-made sauerkraut lunch and dinner. So far I've been following the McCombs eating plan ( I don't eat meat, just because I'm not a fan.

    Unfortunately I have a very rare ailment that causes tormenting pain. I must take pain medication for symptom relief. The first dose is at 4 a.m.

    1) I take meds 4 am, noon and 5-8 PM. Since I really can't get up at 3:30 a.m. to do a foot detox, what would be the best time? 11:30 a.m.? By noon the morning meds have worn off anyway.
    2. We have a water ionizer--The ph range is from 3 to 11. I drink pH 10 water. What pH water would you advise to put in the foot bath?
    3. Since I drink such high alkaline (high mineral) water, could I do more than 3 ion foot baths per week. Would every day be ok? (Yes, I have an urgency to get well! The meds make me so tired that I have been bed-ridden for the last 4 years and cannot have any visitors. I'm only 45, happily married (thanks be to God) but I don't see my family, nieces, nephews, etc. And toxic I'm sure. I do a coffee enema daily to try to keep my liver detoxified a bit. I picked up that habit from Gerson Therapy when I did that for a year.
    4. I read somewhere that spraying the body with lugols is good. I definitely have skin candida. I treated what I thought was a small basal cell cancer spot with black salve, and as I've continued with this since September (starting with 5 spots), large amounts of firm white cheesy stuff are pushed out and then an eschar forms. However, as soon as it falls out, the hole fills up with more fungal stuff. It looks like there may be no end to this cycle! I thought the lugals or an all natural fungal skin lotion might be a better idea or just might help end the fungal skin symptoms more quickly? I used to have really nice skin, but the candida is leaving my skin very bumpy--the bumps are a light pink. Also, once I've treated an area with black salve, it's like there's a lot off skin dandruff that can be scratched away. (Skin dandruff is itchy).
    5. Lastly, I started the last May, I've had to take it very slowly because ingesting a lot of things, including the anti-fungal, makes the pain flare intolerably.I'm able to treat the outside without that response. It's internal that is a problem. I'm assuming that since the stool test testing positive that internal treating will be necessary at some point, but I thought doing all that I can with the outside would be a good idea for now. Thanks in advance for your answers/help. Cindy

    1. Yikes Cindy, you sound like you're really having a rough time. Remember, I'm not a doctor or trained dietician but if I were, I would address what you are eating: high glycemic foods (beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, coconut water). These are great, nutritious foods but they have high sugar counts. I know. I kept cutting foods and cutting foods, and only after I cut out the root veggies (carrots, beets, potatoes, yams) and only stick with green leafies did I finally start to feel good. Check out my personal "Strict Candida Diet" for details on how I micromanaged by diet to get my a comfortable way of life back.

      It's been 6 1/2 years since getting candida. I manage everything with diet and have been able in the past year and a half to add sweet and regular potatoes back in moderation. I do a little carrot too. Beets are way high on the glycemic count. I'm not ready for them yet.

      I've got some strange abscess/lump/lymph node in my mouth which was just discovered when I had acupuncture in my neck. The pain shot up to that small lump/lymph node/? and then I realized that that thing is the source of probably half of my symptoms, esp because food passes over it and I have food reactions on that side of my body. I don't get it, but the journey to health is long and hard. I do recommend green leafies. They are natural pain managers because of their chlorophyll and also because of their chlorophyll they are exit transporters of toxins in the body. Feeding your body sugars, even natural ones, will make you very sick, esp because it seems you have a very bad case of candida. People with milder cases can do coconut water and root veggies, and that's the problem. Almost all candida diets on the internet are designed for people with mild candida ... something to keep in mind.


    2. Cindy, you also asked a lot about the foot back. I was told a person shouldn't do more than 2 a week because the bath strips the body of natural minerals as well as toxins. Your body is already really weak so tiring your already tired body out would do a lot of long-term damage. I don't take meds or vitamins but I do take minerals. Get a trusted brand. I like Trace Minerals by Concentrace.

      Tea tree oil is toxic and should NOT be ingested! One candida online site prescribes tea tree oil orally, starting at 1 drop and working up to a maximum of 5. OH MY GOODNESS! I took 2 drops the first time and that was the last! Horrible reaction! The stuff does work well on vaginal candida and skin candida. 1-2 drops mixed with coconut oil (also a candida killer) and applied to the skin or vaginally. Like I said, the stuff is very toxic so I only use it in tiny tiny amounts, but I do get big results.

      Ionized water? I'm sure it's good but wouldn't reverse osmosis water be better. RO water has a lot of environmental negatives removed, minerals included, but that was the only water I could ingest for a long time without having reactions. Something to look into.

  7. Wow....thank you for your complete answer! 1 or 2 follow up questions....1) We have RO water that then goes through the remineralizing process, so I think it's the best of both worlds. Life Ionizer is the brand we use. I drink water than is a 9 or 10 pH. Because of that I was thinking I could do more of the ion foot baths. You still think I should stick to 2?

    The only way I've used TT Oil is to apply it to my one big toe that has fungus on it. I've used the whole bottle, and seen no result so far. I used a toothbrush to try and get under the nail, but it hasn't really helped. So how do you get to the fungus that is under the nail?

    Thank you!!

    1. Remember the ionic foot bath strips the body of necessary minerals and your sick body doesn't have a lot of extra to give. I certainly wouldn't do more than 2. While you do them, you realllllly should be drinking something that puts electrolytes back into the body. I would squeeze fresh lemon juice with himalayan salt in a tall glass of water, or later when I realized I could use Concentrace liquid trace minerals, I would use that.

      TT oil won't help you as long as you have internal fungus. Putting it on the toenail is just treating the symptom, not the source. I have a toenail with fungus - 4 yrs now - and it's gotten somewhat better, but I still have upper GI probs and sugar reactions to the random piece of fruit, so the downshot is my core problem won't let the extremities heal as yet.

  8. You nailed that one. REALLY rough time. bedridden for now. I am going to have a look at your really strict candida diet. Regarding the coconut water, I make kefir out of it (ferment it), and I've heard so many different opinions on whether I should use fermented food or not, I haven't decided for sure which way to go. In all areas of life, I prefer using real food over supplements. I don't think supplements are as effective, generally speaking. This may be an exception. I have also been eating home-made sauerkraut. I've done one round of (I really liked it), but didn't notice any functional difference yet. I took anti-fungal first for 8 weeks, then pro-biotics for 8 weeks. I definitely noticed difference taking anti-fungal (Geneva Diagnostics cultured my stool test, and on the botanical side of things, Undecenoic acid was the one thing I hadn't heard of, and it was listed as being effective. My body was resistant to things like garlic and other normal anti-fungals. Their report showed me as a severe case)

    Since the first round wasn't very effective (but I've been studying candida on/off for 20 years, which is how long I suspected I had it....wish I'd done something sooner, but I didn't know what to do.) I was thinking about taking home-made sauerkraut during this second round. The pro-biotics have to be alive, and there are so many opportunities for them to die in transit. Mercola had home-made sauerkraut tested, and sauerkraut has the correct strains for healing candida, AND 1/4 cup is equal to an entire bottle of 100 pro-biotics best supplement out there. Since it is isn't exposed to air like other fermented food, my theory is that it doesn't have the opportunity to pick up yeast, bacterias and other things from the air that might be a problem. It seems that those who don't recommend fermented food, that is their main concern--that normal airborne yeast, etc, could get into the fermented food. I don't see how it could get in the sauerkraut.

    Btw, have you seen the "Science behind Candida?" I've never seen anything like it until I came across Dr. McComb's candidaplan. He developed the plan 23 years ago, and he was so well researched, I decided to try his plan. It's not like all the other plans out there. If you haven't seen it, you'll enjoy it--best part starts at parts 3 and 4.

    What made you decide to do food only and skip anti-fungals?

    That's what I really liked about his plan---you don't have to eat according to the candida the rest of your life. Taking care of the fungals takes care of the main problem. Then you immune system will get rid of extra yeast until you are balanced.

    No problem here that you are not a doctor or dietician. I'd rather talk all day long to someone who has what I have, rather than a doctor who is just giving information they learned but have never experienced.

    That's interesting about the lump in your mouth. Did you ever figure out what that is? I've had such bad herxeimers (sp?) when I take the anti-fungal, that I'm sure they're doing something. But I can't take the prescribed amount yet. Then when I take the pro-biotics, I noticed nothing, nada. That's what made me think of trying the sauerkraut with the probiotic supplements, while on round 2. Thank you for your prayers. You know how much fun this isn't!

    1. Avoid sugars and fermented foods! I know a lot of places online state that taking apple cider vinegar knocks candida, well, in my case it made it worse .... but I did like the taste :) Sugars and fermented things are the two categories of foods that send me wild and make all kinds of problems and tightness in the chest. My candida is systemic but is mostly upper GI, and wow do I know where the fungus is lodged when I eat foods in those 2 categories!

      Not sure what to say about the sauerkraut you're describing. I would very much hesitate, although the argument seems to be reasonable.

      BTW, I didn't decide to skip anti-fungals. I just do them off and on. They are extremely hard on the body. I am very consistent with the diet and twice a year I got through a month of anti fungal detoxing of some kind. I just did a regimen of silver and am currently rubbing TT oil in the a.m. on my weird mouth "abscess" (the dentist says it isn't an abscess but he doesn't know what it is, he recommended a specialist. Will go in the next 2 weeks or so.) Before going to bed rubbing the area in the mouth and all along the jaw outside with myrrh which draws toxin from gums. Biblically it's embalming oil. Well, whatever. The two oil are definitely getting some slow positive results.

    2. Try oil pulling with coconut oil for the abscess.

  9. I'm sorry I repeated much of what I wrote in the original post. Can we say "memory issues"?!