Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ear Candles for Wax Removal

Many people get wax build-up in their ears, but people with candida can be more prone to that than others. A person can go to a clinic and pay to have the wax drilled out (as was explained to me - ugh!), or he/she can buy an ear douching kit and douche the wax out with alternating solutions of peroxide and rubbing alcohol and warm water. Or, ear candles may be used. Each ear candle burns from 10-15 minutes and when properly held in the ear, the candle warms the wax and draws it out. In my experience each ear should have two ear candles used on it. The first for warming the wax and getting some preliminary wax build-up out and the second for really drawing the warmed wax out. If a lot of wax was extracted on the second time, then even a third time would be good. Unfortunately, ear candles are very pricey ... but they are sooo much cheaper than going to a doctor's clinic and the results are so much better.

Just put an ear candle in one ear and hold the ear candle upright. We've devised a paper plate method for catching any ash that might fall and for preventing the flame from getting too close to the skin or hair. That way we can burn the expensive candles down much closer to the ear without negative consequences. The ear candles do fume up a house, so going somewhere where the smell won't matter so much is not a bad idea. We go to the garage. Brrrrr, in winter but when we go back inside, the house feels toasty and doesn't need to be aired of fumes.

When the ear candle burns close to the ear, we grab the ear candles with a pair of scissors and douse the candle remains in a cup of water and cut the remainder open to see the results. Pretty nasty! Sometimes the result is flaky pale yellow and other times it's burnt orange wax. Anyway, the little bit of time it takes really makes the ears feel great. This last time my ears were a bit itchy afterwards and I mentioned the fact to my bro. He was surprised and asked, "Didn't you use a bit of sweet oil (for ears) afterwards?!" Uhhhh, no, I didn't know about that. Next time!


  1. Have you tried burning the candle without putting it in your ear. I did this evening. I think it might be a hoax. How disappointing.

  2. Yes, I've seen that too

  3. Ear candles are the best option to remove the wax from the ears without going for any therepy or to the doctors . Most people dont know that its veryeasy to use and they can save a lot of penny . Thanks for sharing the above details.

    Posted by johnniesmyth | Ear Candles

    1. These definitely are not the best option to remove wax. They don't even work.
      1) They're not FDA-approved due to potential fire/safety hazards.
      2) If you burn a candle without putting it in the ear, it looks the exact same on the inside. This means that it doesn't work.

  4. I've been feeling like my candida is out of control again. Is ear wax build up a symptom too?

  5. I have been to one naturopath who practice acupuncture, remedial and ear candling in Israel. I believe it worked, I could feel my ears as it was blocked due sinuses. I also went to her after proof of her curing and young boy I know was deaf due to build up candida and wax. I am now looking for a good one in Sydney North Shore, I have block ear and hissing in one ear and buzzing on the other ear.