Sunday, February 5, 2012

Turmeric Asparagus Soup

Asparagus is something I eat a lot of! Asparagus is full of antioxidants, is great as a blood cleanser (awesome for people with candida and cancer) and has protein and other health factors making it highly recommended for people with Parkinson's. It's also great for bladder and urinary infections, as a detoxifier, and has anti-viral and anti-fungal agents. Yup! I eat a lot of asparagus!

My favorite way to eat it is in soups. I make a big pot of soup loaded with asparagus, zucchini, a green leafy and of course onions and garlic. My favorite seasonings in the soups vary but pretty much standard are turmeric, thyme or basil (sometimes both), and sea salt. Cumin, marjoram, parsley, dill, lemon grass, and coriander might even find their way into the soup pot, but, uh, not all together!

This particular asparagus soup got thickened with either the leftover broth from a crockpot of garbanzo beans or part of the soup was whizzed in the blender to make it look rich and creamy. The yellow cheesy look comes from the combined thickness and the turmeric. The complementary grain of the evening was brown rice with chestnuts and garlic cloves cooked in.

This particular asparagus soup had less asparagus and more other vegies cooked in. I suspect in the bowl was chopped up broccoli too. It's also thick but the thickness from this batch comes from a spoonful of brown rice mixed into the soup and cooked as a one-dish meal. More turmeric was sprinkled on top to give it some extra zest, which black pepper would have served nicely for the non-candida person. Soup was served with a few tapioca-coconut oil crackers found at the International Food Mart in Itaewon, Seoul! Nice treat as all four ingredients I can have: tapioca starch (just a few but it is non-glutinous), coconut oil, sea salt, garlic.

And yet another asparagus zucchini version of the soup - with an island of Garbanzo Bean "Mashed Potatoes". Oh, yum. These flavors are very complementary and the meal is very filling. And no, my purrrfect cat is NOT interested in people food; she was just curious enough to want a smell.

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