Sunday, April 7, 2013

Raw Food Restaurant Menu

Every week while at Hippocrates Health Institute guests have the opportunity to have an outing to a local raw food restaurant (sorry, forgot the name and it's not printed on the main menu page). Anyway, the food was very good. The restaurant did not serve 100% raw, but perhaps it's 70-80%! The food was rather simple, and I have to say, after eating my flax tomato "sandwich" I was starving. At HHI most people don't have breakfast although some like myself who don't want to lose weight get a large nut milk -- alternating almond and Brazil nuts, so lunchtime is my big meal. My little "sandwich" was a taste of food; I needed more! I had to slip around the corner and get a can of almonds to tide me over to the evening meal as we were heading for an afternoon at the beach and I knew I couldn't stand a combination of hunger and heat. Ah, but the almonds did the trick! 

The menu -- the majority of items are raw!
(click on for a large view)

Some kind of salad with aoli sauce. The "pasta" pieces are filled with a cashew-herb cream "cheese".

Menu: Flax Tomato "Sandwich"

Menu: Tostadas with walnut "meat" pate 

Menu: probably this is the BLT on rye. The "bacon" is some kind of tempeh.

Menu: raw "brownie" ... and when it was served all eyes in the restaurant-cafe followed the decadent dessert to the table where a older couple sat. They said it was so rich they have a hard time eating it between them ... oh it looked GOOD!

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