Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dairy-free Nut "Ice-cream"

Start the "ice cream" making process by making 3 quarts of nut milk. The nuts used are walnuts for rich flavor and pine nuts for creaminess. Use nuts in equal parts.

To make the nut milk "cream", soak nuts overnight and rinse (discard overnight water).
  • Blend 2 cups walnuts with 2 cups water
  • Squeeze nut milk through sprout bag
  • Blend 2 cups pine nuts with 2 cups water
  • Squeeze nut milk through sprout bag
  • Alternate this process between walnuts and pine nuts until there is 3 quarts of nut milk, the nut "cream". (Save the nut "meat" for crackers, cookies or "parmesan" sprinkles for salads.)

Add to nut milk:
1 4-oz bottle vanilla, alcohol-free
4 T. cinnamon
1 2-oz bottle maple flavor
2 capfuls stevia (start with 1 capful)
(to adjust sweetness, add either more vanilla or stevia)
Then follow the directions on your ice cream maker.

Hint: Taste your flavors when they are cold as flavors are more subdued then.

Caution: While I really enjoyed this treat which tasted a zillion times better than real ice cream, I knew that I shouldn't eat it very often. It gave me a sore throat, which I attribute to the vanilla and maple flavor (maybe the stevia too). The flavorings were the brand Frontier and are made with glycerin, which is a derivative of soy, which my throat reacts to. The "ice cream" sure was a treat though!

This was the Saturday night treat every week at Hippocrates Health Institute, and it sure was popular! For those guests who didn't have cancer, candida or other health concern where sugar had to be so carefully watched, there was even a hot carob sauce for their ice cream. They also had the choice between frozen bananas put through a food processor for their banana "ice cream". It was popular too.
Date Carob Sauce 
1/2 cup dates, pitted and roughly chopped
1/2 t. ground cinnamon
1 T. carob powder
1/2 t. Frontier Vanilla Extract (no alcohol)
water as needed
  1. Soak dates in the blender with water covering dates with 1-2 inches of water
  2. Blend all ingredients after soaking a while
  3. Adjust flavorings as needed
  4. Add more water to adjust consistency if needed

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