Wednesday, May 9, 2012

High Copper and Candida

90% of people treated by a Doctor of Nutripathy for candida had high levels of the trace mineral copper. Copper toxicity can be traced back to copper pipes affecting drinking water, eating acid foods that were prepared in uncoated copper pots as well as other environmental sources like fungicides, pesticides and household cleaners. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, the vegetable heavy vegetarian diet, vitamin pills, jewelry and birth control pills can also disrupt the copper balance. Copper buildup and toxicity affects the liver and the kidneys. Besides copper affecting people with candida, copper has also been traced to three diseases - (1) Indian childhood cirrhosis that is easily traced to the Indian population that boils milk for children in copper pots, (2) Wilson's disease, a genetic disease causing neurologic and psychological symptoms and liver and brain disease from non-secreted copper buildup, and (3) Alzheimer's disease where elevated copper and zinc, opposing elements actually, bind to amyloid beta proteins which form reactive oxygen species in the brain.

Copper as an Essential Mineral

Copper is actually necessary as a trace mineral (between 50mg and 120mg) to maintain the healthy body. Copper-rich sources ae beef and calf liver, but it is also high in oysters, shellfish, avocado, sunflower seeds, nuts and trail mixes along with many other foods but at lower levels. Once eaten, copper is assimilated through the stomach lining and then transported via the blood stream to other body parts. As an important element found in 13 enzymes in the human body, having access to it (the body does not produce copper) is essential. Copper is important for proper nerve function, bone growth, fetal development, formation of blood cells, heart and muscle movement and tone as well as development of the brain and nervous system. It has functions throughout the body and is essential for the body to effectively use iron in the blood stream.

Copper Deficiencies and Excess

Copper deficiencies, on the other hand, are thought to play a part in high cholesterol and increased risk of heart disease. Anemia, osteoporosis and a wide variety of other major and minor health conditions are also thought related to copper deficiency within the body.

Kayser-Fleischer ring, copper deposits found in the cornea, is an indication the body is not metabolizing copper properly. [Wikipedia, "Copper Toxicity"]
Large deposits of copper resulting in toxicity is apparent through iridology, which identifies a Kayser-Fleischer ring, that is, a dark ring or rings that encircle the iris of the eye, and clearly points to copper toxicity. The Kayser-Fleischer rings are most common in people with Wilson's disease.

In excess, copper does the following - (1) suppresses potassium storage in the cells (potassium is vital as it helps the thyroid produce the body's energy), (2) suppresses adrenal gland function (the adrenals are the "fuel pumps" for the body), as well help control blood sugar and allergy response, (3) blocks the functions of zinc, the mineral involved in thousands of evergy and immune-related cycles (high copper and low zinc have been found to cause depression and mental disorders), (4) suppresses iron storage, causing anemia, (5) causes abnormal depositing of calcium in the soft tissues, which has been shown to depress thyroid function and cause an increase in viral activity.

NOTE:  Hidden Copper Toxicity Indicators. The hair copper level is a very unreliable indicator for copper toxicity.  So is serum copper, serum ceruloplasmin, and many other tests because the copper can hide deep in the brain and the liver.  A liver biopsy is a good indicator, but is a painful and somewhat invasive procedure.

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  1. Copper insufficiency may causes skin sores, hair loss, diarrhea, headache or it may cause childhood cirrhosis. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Added copper to my water yesterday and expelled parasites today...candida is immediately improved!