Saturday, May 19, 2012


SYSTEMIC ANTI-FUNGALS + ANTI-BIOTIC – works in whole body, but also kills good probiotics:
Fresh, raw garlic & onlion
Olive Leaf extract
Oil of Oregano
Tea tree oil (toxic so 5 drops a day in water maximum!)*
Colloidal silver
Pau d’ arco
Cloves & clove tea
Red thyme oil
Oregon Grape
Citrus seed extract

SYSTEMIC ANTI-FUNGALS – works in the whole body:
Liquid aged garlic (Kyolic brand)
Peppermint oil – (enteric-coated)
Kolroex Undecylenic acid (SF-722)
1000 mg doses of Vitamin C

NON-SYSTEMIC ANTI-FUNGALS – only kills fungus in the intestines:
Caprilic Acid
Diatomaceous earth

NON-SYSTEMIC ANTI-FUNGALS + ANTI-BIOTIC – kills fungus & good probiotics in the intestines only:
Oxygen formulas (Bioxy Cleanse)

Biotin 8000 mcg – inhibits yeast transformation to invasive form
Co Q10 – antioxidant and increases systemic oxygen
L-Cystein – amino acid that detoxifies mycotoxins
Molybdenum picolinate - detoxifies (chelates) mycotoxins
Omega-3 fatty acids from flax seed oil or molecularly distilled fish oil is anti-fungal
Ginger tea – decreases inflammation from infection
Echinacea immune boosters
Kelp, dulse, seaweed – antifungal foods to use as seasonings
Organic Aloe Vera gel – antimicrobialat 10,000 MPS / L

Credit for this amazing research goes to "Wadawas" on the blog Beating Systemic Candida.  
*I personally tried tea tree oil, 3 drops I think, and had a very disconcerting reaction. My left side of my face (where the problems seems concentrated) and even the left side of body were twitching and spasming. IF a person tries tea tree oil, which IS toxic, then I would recommend starting with a drop the first time, diluted of course. But that said, I've never tried tea tree oil since the somewhat 1-3 hour scary twitching event.


  1. What brand of Colloidal Silver did you use?

  2. I don't remember, but think 'biotics' was part of the name. I don't recommend it however as I've since learned that for collodial silver to be effective it needs to be of the 30 "whatever the measurement is" as opposed to the 10 "whatever the measurement is" of the 'biotics' brand.

  3. Pure Herbs makes Can-sol, composed of white pond lilly, purple loostrife (marsh plants that naturally make antifungals) and greasewood (aka chaparal). I succeeded in my fight against systemic candidiasis using this. Prior to finding it, I had failed several times with other protocols, and may have only made the infection more tenacious. I had the infection for 22 years - from age of 18 to age of 40. By the time I found Can-sol I was so fed up with the restrictive diet that I was no longer following it. I was giving in to the sugar binges even while taking can-sol and I succeeded anyway. I have been problem free for over a decade now. I don't even get sugar cravings anymore because it's the yeast that caused the cravings. The diet blows. You need to kill the infection, not stop feeding it. If I ate a cookie (or 12), I followed it with Can-sol. It took me about three months to succeed and I continued the Can-sol for a full year afterwards, just to be safe, as this was clearly the best herbal remedy yet and I didn't want to make my strain resistant to it.

    1. Ah, greasewood (aka chaparal) has awesome powers of elimination! So, Can-sol is for those with very tenacious systemic candida. I'll look into it a bit more but have to say, I like what I'm reading so far. I'm wondering if Can-sol interferes with vitamin A absorption like oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf extract, and some of the other anti-candida formulas. I've had huge issues with vitamin A deficiency anyway so this is a pretty fair concern for me. Am checking that out too. Thanks for your info!!!