Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daily Candida-expunging Protocol

  • Take digestive enzymes right before eating and before bed
  • Drink organic aloe vera gel in water as often as desired. Note: Most store-bought aloe vera juices have citrus acid in them for preserving. Avoid!
  • Use ground dulse on food instead of salt (suggestion)
  • Drink tea made with real ginger root or chew on ginger
  • Drink peppermint tea
  • Unless otherwise stated on bottles, herbs work best on an empty stomach: generally ½ hour before eating & 2 hours after eating
  • Fiber must be taken with a huge amount of water, and then will only work if the body is properly hydrated throughout the day
  • Drink at least ½ a cup of water every hour of the day - If drinking reverse osmosis or distilled water, add mineral drops
  • Avoid multivitamins until stated in later phases as they help yeast & parasites thrive and actually spread the condition in the body.
Remember - Throughout the whole protocol for ridding the body of Candida, eating food at any time that feeds the yeast strengthens it and promotes growth, which allows the yeast to multiply again ... taking longer to kill it.

STEP 1: Preparing the body & weakening the candida - 4 weeks 
  • Eliminate foods that feed the yeast
  • Eat 70 - 80% alkaline and 30 - 20% acidic
  • Eat a small meal every 3 hours to keep cortisol in check
  • Eliminate foods and environmental factors that destroy the good bacteria that needs to be replaced in the colon
  • Candida and fungus live off of sugar, so to weaken them, starve them. Keep carbs to less than 150 grams / day. If very active daily (like heavy labor job) go up to 150 grams of carbs a day as needed. But if possible, try to eat only about 50 grams a day. The lower the carbs, the weaker the Candida becomes. Going into ketosis will not help, so eat above 30 grams.
  • Always eat protein, fat and veggies together.
Mastering the dietary changes for 4 weeks before getting into the expensive parts of the candida cleanse allows for screw-ups from cravings that most candida sufferers experience. Cravings must be ignored. Before moving on to the STEP 2, flawlessly completing STEP 1 is best. 

STEP 2: Cleaning The Colon & Mechanically Removing Candida - 6 weeks to 2 months 
If medically safe, a fasting colon cleanse is a fast & effective method of removing a lifetime of old fecal colon plaque that is stuck to the intestinal walls (where candida, parasites & bacteria thrive). An effective, simple & common colon cleanse (usually done for 5 - 7 days) is:
  • 1 Tbsp bentonite (hydrated volcanic ash clay) + 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp psyllium seed husks in a large glass of water 5 - 6x a day. Follow with another full glass of water.
  • Drink 5 liters of water thoughout the day.
  • Two hours after / one hour before the psyllium & bentonite, take digestive enzymes (enteric coated pancreatin or serrapeptase are best) and Diatomaceous Earth (name: K-MIN from the Daily company).
  • When coming off the fasting cleanse, eat only raw vegies and leafy green juices (wheat grass, barleygreen, etc) for a whole day.
If medically unable to fast, the following is a slower cleanse: (3x a day) 

  • Take NAG, MSM and digestive enzymes on empty stomach 30 minutes before eating
  • Take Diatomaceous Earth (name: K-MIN from the Daily company) with food
  • Take fiber (preferably ground flax seed mixed with grapefruit fiber and psyllium) + bentonite 30 minutes after eating
STEP 2 - Phase 1: Herbal Killing - 2 to 8 months

For the next phase, continue doing the slower cleanse above for three days while adding anti-fungal herbal rotations. All herbs are to be taken for only 4 days, then move onto the next herb, because like bacteria, fungus/yeast can become resistant to anti-fungals. If using combination anti-fungals, make sure that the ingredients are not repeated between the combination capsules.

Use all herbs to the strongest recommended dosage. Make sure to have them at least 4 times a day, evenly spread out (as if a prescribed antibiotic). Pick at least 4 different strong anti-fungals. Here are some used in combined rotation - pairing a non-systemic anti-fungal with a systemic one.

Day 1-4 ... Goldenseal + olive leaf extract
Day 5-8 ... Colliod silver + fresh garlic*+ caprillic acid
Day 9-12 ... Oil of oregano (Oreganol P73) + enteric coated peppermint oil + cloves
Day 13-16 ... Extra Strength Grapefruit seed extract + Pau d’Arco
Then repeat the cycle over and over.
* large clove of garlic, chop finely (don’t press!) let sit 5 minutes, then drink down with water
Support supplements taken during Phase I:
Molbdenum (it chelates the mycotoxins excreted by fungus & contaminated foods)
Biotin 8 (8000mg - it stops Candida from further changing into the aggressive, fungal form. Make sure it is not yeast derived!)

Vaginal anti-fungals:
If having vaginal infections, this needs to be included in the cleanse. Rotate the same anti-fungals taken orally on that day in the vaginal therapies. Here are methods of making suppositories & douching for different anti-fungals:
  • Garlic: douche with 1 tsp Kyolic liquid aged garlic to 2c pure water or wrap a halved garlic clove in cheese cloth, tie it off leaving a tail to pull it out after leaving in overnight
  • Grape seed extract: douche with 15 drops in ½ c aloe vera gel
  • Oil of oregano: Put one drop in an empty capsule and fill the rest of the way with olive oil, puncture a few holes in the capsule with a needle and insert. Or make a suppository by melting coconut oil in a hot water bath, add a drop of oregano, put in something small and freeze in the freezer. Insert as high as possible at bedtime.
  • Goldenseal – douche with 15 drops in ½ cup pure water. Most of the anti-fungals can be used vaginally either by making a suppository, putting it in a capsule with a few pinholes or by douching in the above manners.
Douches should be at least 2x / day, try for 4 if possible. Continue with Phase I until the Candida symptoms are about 90% gone. This should take about 6 weeks for a very mild case. For systemic Candida overgrowth, this could take 8 months to a year. When moving onto Phase II, overlap the phases for 3 days. DO NOT GAP IN BETWEEN! Candida yeast starts multiplying once the anti-fungals have been withdrawn. 

STEP 2 - Phase 2: Mop-up Killing & Parasites - 3 months

Continue diet and switch back to the slow colon cleansing method while overlapping the anti-fungal rotation for 3 days. This is a mop up to kill all the resilient fungus and parasites in the system.

Same rules as Phase 1. Except the anti-fungals in this battery are taken for 7 days consecutively instead of 4, rotating SF-722 by the Thorne Company with 2 other preferred fungals from Phase 1. Take the SF-722 with meals (up to 5 caps each dose), others on an empty stomach as done in Phase 1. Continue the most effective vaginal anti-fungals in Phase 1.

Parasite cleanses must be done for 3 months in order to kill off all phases of parasites from egg to reproducing adult. In the morning & evening on an empty stomach, have: garlic oil, bromelin, pancreatin (enteric coated is best), NAG, MSM, anti-parasital herbs from the parasite cleanse of choice (example, the parasite cleanse from the Dr. Hulda Clark’s program + Para 90 from the AIM company). One hour later, take K-MIN and fiber + bentonite. With Food, take digestive enzyme complex (enteric coated enzymes are best), Betaine Hydrocloride acid (HCL) supplement with pepsin. 

STEP 2 - Phase 3: Probiotic Re-Colonization

To prepare for a probiotic enema and douche:
  • Stop taking bentonite for 14 days before your enema (last 2 rotations).
  • Stop taking all anti-fungals that are also natural anti-biotics for the last 7 day rotation (ending on 7 days of SF-722 is a good choice). For maintenance after this point, stick with anti-fungals that are not anti-biotic.
  • Stop taking any laxatives, K-min or psyllium for the last 7 day rotation. Use chicory root inulin fiber instead and fresh ground flax seed fiber with meals.
  • Do a sweet dairy whey enema 1x / wk for 3 weeks before your probiotic enema to re-acidify your colon (4T of whey to 1 quart of distilled or reverse osmosis water). Probiotics need an acidic colon to survive; fungus & parasites thrive in an alkaline colon. The colon needs to be re-acidified since it will be alkaline from the bentonite.
  • Make sure that the pro-biotics have been refrigerated and are human strain. Only human strain probiotics root and take up permanent residence in the human body.
The Enema:
Do a sweet dairy whey enema first to eliminate debris. Use this ratio, but increase uniformly if more water is required: 1 Tbsp sweet whey with 4 capsules of Kyo-Dophilus + 5 billion count refrigerated human strain probiotics to 2 cups of purified water.

Get positioned on hands and knees, then lay on right, then on back, then left side and massage the belly from bottom left in a clockwise circle to bottom right while holding in water for at least 10 minutes. Hold for as long as possible. Make sure to release the valve on the enem bottle so water starts coming out which removes all air bubbles before inserting the enema tube.

Probiotic Douche:
2 Tbsp of pure water to 1 billion count of human strain probiotic. Douche 2x / day, again trying to hold in the water for as long as possible (best to lay on a slant board for 15 minutes). Follow-up, vaginally insert a probiotic capsule with tiny pin prick holes and leave it in overnight. Be sure to stay away form all things that will kill or inhibit the probiotics, or the purpose of recolonization will be defeated. Avoid chlorinated water, colon cleansers (herbal laxatives, fiber…), do no oxygen therapy, and do no use anti-biotic drugs or more parasite killers for 3 months.

After the enema:

Know that ... 
Candida is communicable from sexual contact & medical staff hands. Any enema other than a probiotic enema is not good: herbal, oxygen, ozone, bentonite, wheat grass, plain water all = alkaline colon & destroy your good colony.

Be extra careful for the first 6-8 weeks after your enema. The probiotics still need to try to root and colonize into the intestinal wall for permanent residence. Try to eat mainly soft, easy to digest foods (cooked veggies & grains, easily digested animal protein, healthy fats only). It will take up to a year for the probiotics to fully root & colonize, so treat your body well.

If you are ever in a situation where you might hurt the probiotics, go back to an anti-fungal diet for 4 weeks, do take human strain probiotics daily during the period & after the intrusion is over, do another probiotic enema and /or douche.

STEP 2 - Phase 4: Restoring vitamin and Mineral Balance, Rebuilding the Immune System
  1. eliminate all toxic metals - take nutrients to reduce copper, support adrenal & thyroid functions as well as support iron and anemic factors 
  2. correct vitamin / mineral, amino acid, hormone and fatty acid deficiencies - Immune function will not come back if there are deficiencies and toxic metals as these problems can suppress the immune system. Involved are: B complex, wheat germ oil, glyconutrients, germanium (stim. Interferon), omega-3 oils, vitamin T (in sesame oil), A, B12, B5, magnesium, copper, C, zinc, iron, folic acid, protein

I don't agree with all the information in this posting but I do think that it's a good application of a Candida expunging protocol which follows the one advocated by the Biamonte Center, and which I blogged on earlier in an intro to their practices and in the protocol itself. This summary is taken from the old blog Beating Systemic Candida and Other Natural Jazz.  I really appreciate the person who did the research to compile this insightful detailed list of time and treatment tools. To go to the original source of this article, go to www.health-truth.com (Biamonte Center's key page) which describes the nature of Candida albicans overgrowth and why the steps in this layout are the most effective method of rebalancing the body’s natural bacteria.


  1. where do you get your aloe vera?

  2. I buy a 3-foot leaf of aloe at Emart for about 4-5,000won. I just cut off a little slice at a time and wrap the remainder well. It lasts for well over a month, and then I go and buy another. And in the states, my younger bro has a huge pot of smaller aloe prolifically producing. I kind of destroy it when I go home, but it just grows back in the intervening months and the bro doesn't mind at all!