Friday, April 20, 2012

Biamonte Ctr - Treating Candida, part I

Michael Biamonte, clinical nutritionist, has studied for 18+ years how candida interacts with various other treatment plans and how viable those plans are. He's come to the conclusion that the majority of candida elimination programs work predominantly on the elimination phase but do not address detoxing issues, hormonal or nutritional imbalances or work to rebuild the immune system ... and that is why candida resurfaces. [This has been pretty much my experience in reading about detox programs, and until I started reading on this site, I had no idea how to effectively use acidobifidus or how to rebuild the immune system or address hormonal and other deficiencies ... and I've had "clean" periods only to have a relapse.]

The Biamonte Center has a four-fold treatment plan. The center functions on the belief that candida has to be stripped from the body in layers due its construction and causes. The phases are:
Phase 1 : Eliminate the candida infection
Phase 2 : Detoxify the intestines and body
Phase 3 : Correct hormone or nutritional deficiencies
Phase 4 : Support and rebuild the immune system

WATCH : Introduction to Candida video clip

Some key points brought out in the video clip:

~ Candida can build immunity to an antifungal treatment after 21 days (on another page Biamonte cites 7 days). Candida is like a chameleon and can change itself easily from a fungus to a yeast. It is highly resistent to attack and can easily mutate against an herb or antifungal if it's taken 21 days or longer.

~ Pharmaceuticals, specifically Nystatin and Nizoral, the preferred anti-fungals for treating candida, are often ineffective. Medical research states that these drugs can be only taken for a short period of time before causing toxicity in the body, not to mention that Nystatin's effect is limited to localized areas and cannot travel through the blood stream to areas outside of the GI track. On the other hand, Nizoral, impairs the vitamin D-like substance needed for the yeast cell membrane. This drug is difficult for candida patients to assimilate due to low levels of stomach acid, which is also a common underlying cause of yeast infection. As for hazards of taking the drug, Nizoral may cause liver damage (the liver is already compromised by candida toxicity) or even fatal reactions.

~ Another common, but ineffective medication is acidophilus. Acidophilus may reduce some candida symptoms if used regularly, but only after the candida has been eliminated and the intestinal track is clean. But if systemic candida exists, candida overgrowth will choke out any acidophilus introduced to the body.

~ Certain vitamins and minerals can spread candida. Some of these include: vitamin B-complex, vitamin D, CoQ10, calcium, copper and iron. Many of these nutrients protect the candida from the very medicines used to eliminate it. These nutrients can bolster the candida, or, they may cause an uncontrolled release of toxins, shocking the body and causing some patients to become severely ill. Once candida has been eliminated, however, the patients can resume taking supplements.

~ Hormonal problems are linked to candida. Elevated levels of estrogen or cortisol, or, lower levels of testosterone, DHEA or progesterone can make a man or woman more prone to candida and cause continual relapse.

~ Stress will cause candida by elevating the stress hormone cortisol, which depresses the immune system, and like estrogen, raises the amount of sugars in the mucus surrounding the candida.

~ Toxic metals : "Do not try to reduce or eliminate toxic metals while treating candida." Toxic metals like arsenic, iron, bismuth, copper, aluminum and mercury show up consistently in people with candida. These metals can disable the exact part of the immune system that seeks to control candida, as well as destroying the gut flora that restrains candida overgrowth. Trying to clear these heavy metals before killing yeast will actually result in spreading candida. As the huge outpouring of metals move down the intestinal tract, they contact and spread the yeast. Therefore, removal of these metals must be done after the candida has been eliminated.

~ A low-carb diet is used to weaken the candida so that a regime of rotating anti-fungals may more effectively attack and eliminate the yeast.

Information above has been a synthesis of what was said on the video clip. The materials above as well as the picture of candida are taken from the Biamonte Center's website. Posting this information here does not mean that I endorse it, only that I find it very interesting and think it the most comprehensive candida elimination and rebalancing regime that I've come across online. website.


  1. Thank you for sharing your treatment plan regarding this disease. The phases will help people identify the description of each phase. Hope to read some more treatment.

  2. You're certainly welcome. If I would have known long ago about how to reintroduce probiotics back into the body, I wouldn't have had a major relapse. I think I've got it now :)