Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dilly Flatbread

When I was learning to bake with my mom eons ago, she assigned me to make a Dilly Bread recipe that, to this day, I think of over and over. Of course it called for wheat flour, but it also had cottage cheese in it, and neither of these things I eat anymore. However, the flavors that have had lasting impression on my taste buds weren't so much from the wheat and the cottage cheese but from the sourness of the bread (maybe vinegar or lemon juice was in the bread too, kind of like a sourdough) and from the loud combination of dill seeds and onion pieces. With these three things in mind—the sourness, the dill seeds and the onions—I thought I’d attempt a gluten-free vegan Dilly Flatbread.
Heh heh, I am pretty satisfied! Yep, all the three flavors I wanted are there! But unfortunately, I can't remember the ration of flours (quinoa and millet with some flax) so I'll have to remake the flatbread and post later. This would have been awesome, except for one wee little problem ... I took it out of the oven before the bottom was finished cooking and eating a piece out of the center of the pan was slightly on the grose. Ah, but next time there will be perfection ... as well as an ingredient list.

Spoon-pour the batter onto an oiled/sprayed pizza sheet and spread out evenly.
Then, liberally sprinkle dried rosemary, thyme leaves and sea salt over the surface of the flatbread.
Minced garlic is also a possibility.  
After baking, immediately cut the hot bread into pieces of desired shapes.
I served this dilly flatbread with salsa-like salad and black bean soup.
The black bean soup was mostly leftover bean broth with brown rice cooked in it and finely chopped broccoli added.

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