Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wild Salmon Patties

Salmon patties absolutely rock! And when I can get the Aldi's brand of salmon with two ingredients in the list - wild salmon and salt - I let myself indulge in something fishy. Usually I make wild salmon pie, but at this time (last summer) there was some leftover Adlay, which I thought with its natural nuttiness it would be very complimentary to the salmon ... and it was! The salmon patties turned out a bit nutty-chewy with the grain, and was not only complimentary to the salmon but also the flavor-enhancing chopped onion and celery.
Wild Salmon Patties
1 can wild salmon, drained
1+ cup cooked Adlay (or brown rice)
1/2 cup or more of quinoa flour
2-3 eggs
chopped celery
chopped onion
minced garlic
chopped parsley
a little fresh dill (optional)
sea salt
Pat out patties and place on a oiled baking sheet.
Halfway through baking, flip the patties to brown the other side.
Serve hot or cold. The patties freeze very well.
Gingered green beans - Green beans boiled with ginger bits until beans are tender. No salt necessary.
Green bean-ginger "juice" - I was amazed that it tastes sooooo good! Supports a healthy esophagus too!
gingered green beans, salmon patties, and toss salad with a dill-garlic-lemon juice dressing (I even poured a little
over the salmon pattie and that was great! Salmon and dill is a wonderful complement.
the whole meal!
[Wow! In hindsight I ate a lot of eggs and fish during the 2012 summer. In Korea I had been easily maintaining my near-vegan diet (occasionally went to a fish restaurant with a friend) as I only cooked for me. My diet was 50+% raw and I felt clean after eating. But back home, eating so strictly wasn't easy, especially with people having a range of personal food and snack preferences, so I started to drift a bit from my eating schedule and experiment with expanding my very strict diet. I don't nibble, but being in the nibbling atmosphere, I started ... much to my disgust. Also, I don't cook meat in my house, but mom and I found wild salmon canned only with salt and wow, we wanted to treat dad, a former hunter and fisherman. Oh my wowwie goodness, I loved the salmon treat so much, I kept treating dad ... and me!
Anyway, the summer wasn't a particularly good time for me food-wise. When I returned to Korea, I didn't feel bad but I did notice that my energy level wasn't what it had been. It didn't take me long to realize that subtly over the summer my eating patterns had changed. I had gone from 50+% raw to only about 30%. The realization was a bit perturbin,g and without really planning, I just started eating more and more raw food ... until by early October I realized that my diet was 70% raw. The realization hit me when I was climbing through a mini forested area on my way to work (one hour on foot). I was nimbly climbing the steep areas without any joint stiffness. My muscles felt so fluid and I felt like I weighed a fraction of what I had before. What an exciting feeling and I knew it was related to my food choices!!! So, I decided to up my raw food from 70% to 80%. Making that conscious effort has taken a little planning and foresight, especially involving dehydrator "breads" ... but I'm getting there. Yesterday, I was 100% raw, and there will certainly be more and more of those days as I'm making more and better health choices for my life.

Expect to hear more about these exciting changes and reference the growing list of food blogs in the right margin to get more ideas about raw food "preparation"!!! I've been dabbling more and more in raw food since gettin sick 3 1/2 years ago, but the more I learn, the more I must share about my new knowledge and how it applies to my and others' lives.] 

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