Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cod, Baked Squash ... and more

This supper was principally baked with the exception of the salad, hidden somewhere beyond the camera. The menu was baked yellow squash, spaghetti squash, vegan burgers and ... yes, baked cod! I hadn't eaten cod in years, so this was a very special treat.
Baked yellow squash with rosemary and thyme and sea salt sprinkled on top.
Baking sure beats frying, something I dislike doing, especially individual vegetables
baked squash close-up
In a hurry, so we whipped some vegan garden burgers out of the freezer
and baked them as if they were grillers!
the vegan "grillers" close-up
cod baked on lemon slices, onion rings with thyme and rosemary sprinkled on top
This was a hit with me!!!
[Looking back at my pictures on my 2012 summer made me realize how much I was cooking my food instead of eating 50% or more raw. Also, how much fish and eggs I was including in my meal. Important realization. A clear example of the use and importance of Visual Anthropology!]

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