Friday, January 27, 2012

Morgellons Disease and Diet?

Today on Yahoo was the posting "Study of freakish mystery illness finds no cause" with the disorder named Morgellons, as of 2002. This disorder is said by doctors to be psychological as they could find nothing wrong with 40 of the identified 115 people suffering from symptoms that could possibly be "Morgellons". That sufferers complain of fiber-like things growing out of their skin and have parasite-like sensations with bruising and discoloration to back up their complaints seems more than just a psychosomatic disorder ... and it's been my experience that when doctors just don't know they "blame" the patient with psychological problems. It seems to me that with visible display of symptoms the doctors might be more acknowledging of the disorder ... and yet the article says that sufferers are searching for a doctor that will consider their complaints as plausible and try to work with them.

There are many skin disorders - psoriasis, impetigo, eczema, cellulitis, shingles - and there are diets to help those problems. Candidiasis also results in skin disorders too for some, and candida also requires a specific diet for the return to "good" health. I would hazard that following a big diet change which includes high chlorophyll for transporting toxins out of the body, people with Morgellons would see a radical improvement. Perhaps following the candida diet? There are many levels to the candida diet; in fact, very very few are as strict as my diet ... thank goodness or we'd have a herd of two-legged cattle on this planet! But the chlorophyll-rich diet could help rid the build-up of toxins that come from the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink.

I recently saw the movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" about an Australian bloke who had a rare skin-related autoimmune disease and he took to juicing for 60 days to clean out his GI track, which is where diseases typically begin (surprised?!?!). Joe Cross, the bloke, has an online diary describing some of the things he did to recover his health and personal well-being. I highly recommend the movie - very informative and supportive of what I'm also trying to do to clean the candida mold/fungus out of my body.

Another useful link with much more information on the disease and the strange fibers is at Natural Health Techniques.

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