Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Mashed Potato" Balls

In Korean suppermarkets sometimes there is taste-testing of seaweed and seasoning mixtures. Oh, they're all sooo yummy but I'm convinced they're loaded with nasty flavor enhancers like citric acid and/or MSG because I really react. My taste buds love them and the rest of the body goes into rebellion ... and to think most people are governed by their taste buds, feel strange reactions but refuse to remedy their tastes to have a more active life. Not me! I so want to get well and lead a normal free-and-easy life again. But it's true, I have memories of those flavors and I love seaweed so I thought I would make my own seasoning blend.

Seaweed by itself is very healthy and has a lot of trace minerals from the sea; however, it's the preparation process for marketing that gets me in trouble. Thankfully Korea has a variety of seaweeds to choose from although the majority are the tastier seaweeds that have been oiled and salted, that is, oiled with corn oil (inflammatory) and sea salt (which frequently is heated at high temps which change the product and also is not solely sea salt but can include many other additives like potassium, potassium iodide, yellow prussiate of soda, among others - basically chemicals!) The unoiled seaweed lavers are bland in comparison but I can live with that.

So in a bowl I shredded several laver sheets, added some hemp seeds, sea salt, and garlic powder. Then I took chilled in the fridge garbanzo bean "mashed potatoes" and rolled scoops of it into balls, which I then rolled into the flavored seasoning.

The balls turned out pretty cute and would make nice appetizers for a party. But honestly, only 5 wee balls for my supper just wasn't going to happen. I was hungry! So after taking the picture and proving that I could make a suitable substitute for the seaweed seasoning in the store, I just dumped a couple big spoons of "mashed potatoes" in the seasoning bowl, mixed everything up, and enjoyed my meal without wasting a bunch of time appropriate only for party preparation.

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