Thursday, January 26, 2012

Greenstar Juicer → Green Juice

I've been having strange symptoms lately again, and just can't figure out WHY I'm not getting better on my very strict, and I think, very nourishing diet. So in desparation I thought I should order a juicer than would juice vegetable leaves. Well, I still can't have carrots or apples or other fruit so I sold my simple centrifuge juicer to a friend and ordered the Greenstar, which is supposed to be a top-of-the-line wheatgrass juicer. And yeah, it came today!!!

Getting started took tons of time - to carefully wash all the parts free of factory toxins, and then to wash baskets of vegies in my teeny tiny kitchen, and then to juice only 2-3 leaves at a time. Well, I've figured out a way to be faster next time ... but this time, wow, the juice came out so fresh tasting and quite enervating! I've bought a couple glass jars to store the juice in (not good for maximum nutrients, but I'm not going through the washing hassel every day so for the next two days I'll just have reduced nutrition, which is better than no nutrition from not having the juice). A hint for anyone making juice though, storing fresh juice (particularly carrot juice as it interacts with oils) should not be done in plastic.

Korea has some wonderful rice cakes, which I absolutely love but shouldn't have because they're made with white rice, which is highly glycemic. Well, so I thought I'd try to make my own rice stick cakes with brown rice. This is my experimenting, but BLUK, the olive oil had a weird flavor (must get a better brand) and the rice cake came out to gummy-runny. The flavor aside from the weird olive oil wasn't too bad. I added a slice of fresh garlic every once in a while along with mugwort powder, a common additive in rice cakes, and together they created an overall flavor that I kind of liked. Definitely my own recipe .... but definitely needs adjusting for consistency and oil flavor. Actually it's almost embarrassing to show the results, but was talking with some Koreans about their recipes and nowadays rice powder is principally used. BLUK again! I want real rice in mine!

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