Friday, December 9, 2011

Vegie Stew

There's nothing like a hearty stew on a cold winter day. Every day I try to walk outside for a while to improve the circulation and to keep my vitamin D up. [Vitamina D2 is through dairy foods which I don't eat so am very deficient in that aspect of vitamin D so I absolutely must keep my vitamin D3, from sunshine, as high as possible otherwise I'll have bone troubles again, be unable to utilize calcium and a whole host of other problems related to vitamin D deficiency. More precisely and doctors should inform ALL their patients this, autoimmune difficulties are directly linked to vitamin D deficiency and I'm battling those probs ... but now within the normal range of vitamin D and the symptoms are greatly reduced!] Anyway, after walking in the cold I really need a body warmer and something nutritious and easy to digest in the latter hours of the day. So, vegie stew with leftover brown rice.

The ingredients are pretty easy, no measuring because a soup can't go wrong as long as the vegies taste good together and the seasonings aren't too heavy or too light. So my hearty stew consists of lightly sauteed onions and garlic, then sliced zucchini, broccoli, and 1/3 of a carrot for color - I'm also experimenting with adding a little food higher on the glycemic count but also rich in vitamin A, which I'm still very deficient in as those foods are considered glycemically off limits. Add leftover brown rice at some point so the grains can get plumper and filled with the flavors of the vegies. After the harder vegies had cooked down quite a bit, I added in fresh spinach to just lightly cook. The seasonings were added about this time too - sea salt, thyme, parsley and basil.

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