Monday, October 9, 2017

Avocado Salad

Visiting people can be a bit rough, especially when I'm hungry and the kitchen is filled with fatty smells like cheesy quiche, fresh-made cinnamon rolls or hot bagels, and then of course coffee. Well, while the others were making quiche muffins wrapped in vegetarian "bacon" and toasting their breads and brewing their coffee, I was making my own breakfast ... a massive salad. But LOL, one of the others decided that the salad would be much more satisfying and asked for a bowl also ... to go along with a quiche muffin. 

Anyway, one thing about eating fresh whole foods, I don't have food cravings like other people. I've read about this and people who nourish their bodies with plant foods (which are rich in vitamins and minerals) are satisfying their bodies and therefore feeding their bodies. It's the "starved" body that has cravings! With all the avocado fat on the salad, I was very satisfied and didn't feel hungry until the next meal ... when of course everyone was hungry. I think they had pizza and I was back foraging in the fridge for another salad.

Now THAT is a salad!


  1. Thank you Cheryl very much for creating a great blog. I've learned so-so much from you! This salad looks splendid!, I want to make it!!! Is it really that filling ? Did you have it with bread, crackers, cereal, steamed veggies or was it a meal by itself? Do you remember if you add any olive oil to it or just avocado? Would adding some raw yellow or red onions to it, be too arguable for the stomach?
    Thanks a lot. Valentyna

    1. Hi Valentyna,

      Actually with the high-fat of the avocado, this was very filling, and of course that was a huge plate! My cousins feasted on egg souffle, croissants and sausages for breakfast and we got hungry at the same time. Actually I think I was better off because their day started out sluggish and I felt light and like prancing. Raw food really makes me feel wonderful! I don't use breads and cereals or crackers unless they are gluten-free, my body retains water horrendously when I do (just the last few months - how odd, but I'm noting these changes), but I'm not against a few nuts, sunflower seeds (yum!) and fresh squeezed lemon juice. If you have IBS, stay away from onions but otherwise they are mighty tasty on this kind of salad!