Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Teas and Drinks for People with Candida

Most teas are "out" for people with such severe systemic candida - green tea, black tea, red tea, flowered teas (because of their sweetness which feeds candida), teas with fermented leaves (yes, many Asians teas are prepared with a fermentation process), and teas of course with flavorings like citric acid (the killer of people with candida), orange rind, nutmeg and a host of other additives that most people wouldn't even wink at. The only two teas that I've seen recommended for people with systemic candida are peppermint and chamomile. I love peppermint and keep several boxes on hand, but unfortunately I have ragweed sensitivities and chamomile is in the ragweed family and so I have difficulties, specifically, I get a bit raspy and sometimes vaguely phlegmy ... both indicators of bacteria being fed!

But there really are so many kinds of teas that are such wonderful possibilities that haven't traditionally been labeled as "candida-friendly", but I'm sleuthing for some diversion. There are also so many delightful ways of preparing teas now ... why do the options for people with candida have to be so limited? I've found other options!!!

crockpot spiced cinnamon and ginseng plus anise, cloves and ginger
cilantro tea made in a French press
pau d'arco - a big time candida killer, boiled in a slow cooker and drunk a couple times of day
Peppermint tea is very nice for people with candida. Also recommended for people with candida is chamomile tea, but since I have an allergy to ragweed which is in the daisy family and related to chamomile, I have a mild reaction so avoid it. Fresh ginger tea is wonderful. Herbs tossed in hot water like rosemary (be careful, it is a flower and might affect sensitive people) and fennel are phenomenal! Avoid all teas with citric acid, and fortunately, many of the manufactured teas have this unpleasant mold-ingredient.

Other Drinks:

Although these alternative milks are great for many, I've reacted very badly to the sugars in coconut milk, cow's milk has been out of the question from Day #1 (and actually I have had a mild lactose intolerance most of my life), and soy milk or any soy product I react to in the throat area. That said, almost milk has worked very well. I tried Brazil nut milk but can only tolerate that on rare occasions. Found out that that milk can make a person toxic of drunk very much! I'm not a keener on walnut milk - it just feels chalky in my mouth, so I prefer to eat my walnuts washed and tossed in a salad. Basically, the only nuts I've eaten well are the almonds, walnuts and Brazil nuts. The others I might try on occasion but not as a drink. Just an FYI, people with candida are recommended to principally stick with the almonds and walnuts - they have a milder oil and less mold than other nuts.

What NOT to Drink!!!

People with candida would shock their system if they started dumping soft drinks down their throats! The sugar content in carbonated drinks (to say nothing of other ingredients) is a joyful energy food for the fungus and makes the little buggers prolific!

Some of my favorite drinks

Left to right: the cinnamon-ginseng tea (hot or cold), fresh squeezed lemon in water,
green smoothies, and almond milk

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