Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Basil Pesto

Basil pesto on pizza! On socca! Or just a small spoonful! Wow, better than tomato sauce which at times is still a bit inflammatory for me as tomatoes are a nightshade and excite inflammation, particularly for people with rheumatoid problems. I seem to fall in that category so by using basil or other pesto on pizza, I get a power flavor fix :) but then everyone in my family loves it! And it's great as a vegie topper!

Basil Pesto

2 cups parsley, packed
8 cups basil, packed
3/4 cup olive oil
3/8 cup lemon juice
7 cloves garlic
3/4 teaspoon sea salt
1 1/2 cup almond meal

To make, blend all ingredients in a BlendTec except almond oil. When ingredients become smooth and creamy, add almond meal and blend in. Surplus freezes well, and we stock our freezer for the winter with many cups of our prized pesto.

Basil pesto on socca - also pictured is a cabbage stir-fry


  1. Hello Cheryl,

    My name is James and I'm 31 years old. For about three years now I have been battling with major gut issues, some days I'm feeling so depressed I don't want to get out of my bed. I go on a diet for three days or so and then I feel weak and I go back to eating the wrong foods. Plus I'm a skinny guy so when I try the Candida diet I lose so much weight I start looking sick, what do I do? I also have really bad reflux and have discovered I have Barrett's esophagus and a hiatus hernia. So lemon onion, garlic and anything acidic makes me feel sick? Even anything think and creamy like almond milk reacts and makes me feel bloated. Can you help me...because living like this is terrible and unpleasant. I am in the process of making the almond milk you recommended. Can I use the organic vanilla beans in my almond milk. I have also bought some low fat yogurt that I have in the evening (only a cup). I thought maybe that would help with the weight. You have so many delicious recipes on this site but not being able to have lemon,onion, garlic and onion makes even the pesto recipe taste bland. Hopefully I hear from you soon...the web site has been a great tool so far so i hope to hear from you soon.


    P.s If there's a way I can have a private consultation with you please let me know...thank you

    1. Hi James,
      Ugh, I understand when you say you lose weight easily. I'm not too clued in on the reflux problem, but my younger bro has it bad too. It's somehow related to the acidity or lack of in the gut, and milk very much affects that. Does yogurt bother you? Many people say that milk coats the stomach but actually, although it does alleviate the symptoms, it causes more problems. Coconut oil has done a lot for me for easing my esophagus distress AND helping me maintain a semblance of weight. I used to eat 5-7 tablespoons a day just to maintain weight. My "breads" (recipes here) were loaded with coconut oil, my soups had it, wow, I needed it. 100 calories per tablespoon. I think I would have a been a shriveled pea without it. It's healing for the GI track as it helps repair miniscule perforations caused by fungi and bacteria.

      Do you have systemic candida? or is your problem more related to colitis (inflammatory bowel disease is included)? With SC you should eat tons of vegies for their fiber and cholorphyll, but with colitis the fiber will mess you over big time ... so although a lot of the foods I can eat are health building for me, if you have colitis (and you have trouble with almonds milk, and prob other "rough" nuts) you won't be doing yourself any favors to follow my diet albsolutely. You're going to have to tweak it for you, esp since you have reflux.

    2. James, I'm on Facebook. Look me up. Am a professor at Korea University.