Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Toxic Metals Affecting the Body

A large reason for eating raw food—organic, organic, organic—is to not only nourish the body but to also boost the immune system. By eating as pesticide and chemical free as possible with all the high doses of fiber for scouring the body and vitamins and minerals for nourishing it, heavy metals can gradually be “washed” away. Unfortunately, even organic food has pesticides in it. We share one planet, and rain and dust don’t bother with passports and visas when entering other countries or “restricted” spaces. Therefore, all humans are exposed to pollutants, heavy metals being just one of the large categories, but it’s the high exposure of heavy metals—not typical to the raw food diet—that causes the most havoc on the body.

Lead is contained in paints, insecticides, pottery, toothpaste, plastic, gasoline, batteries, newspaper, canned foods, chocolate, etc. It accumulates in the brain, liver, bones, kidneys and spleen. It can alter behavior and intelligence.

Nickel can be found in stainless steel cutlery, pots and pans, and dental fillings. It accumulates in bones, kidneys, sinuses, the brain and the immune system. Chronic nickel toxicity can lead to skin conditions.

Arsenic is in cigarette smoke, laundry detergents, beer, seafood, drinking water, wine, clothes, and wallpaper. It accumulates in the liver, kidneys and lungs.

Cadmium is found in soft drinks, pesticides, fungicides, plastics, rust-proofing, rubber, cigarette smoke and water softeners. It accumulates in the kidneys, prostate and eyes.

Uranium can cause cancer and birth defects. Since Hiroshima, Chernobyl and now recently Japan, this toxic radioactive dust ends up in all of us since we all share one atmosphere. As the number of x-rays and CT scans performed on people has soared, these imaging tests now are responsible for about 50% of the radiation North Americans are exposed to—up from 15% in 1980. (The New York Times)

Aluminum is used in water filtering, flocculation (to remove dirt), which it also does to our blood, causing stroke and heart attack as it tries to remove our white and red blood cells. It accumulates in our bones, kidneys and breasts and causes anemia. It is found in deodorants that glue our sweat glands so toxins cannot get out, which in turn leads to breast cancer. Aluminum in pots, pans and foil can cause Alzheimer’s.

Toxic man-mined debris:

Toxic man-made elements are very difficult to get rid of because they become part of our body at a cellular level. They look like familiar minerals, so the body tries to use them like a nutritional element, for instance:

Mercury ------->  Selenium
Lead  ------->  Calcium
Cadmium  ------->  Zinc
Aluminum, Nickel, Uranium  ------>  Magnesium

Also and so very ironic because medical science is aware of the havoc that heavy metals have on the body, a large majority of "immunizations" have toxic metals in them, mercury being the most common. And the link to serious health concerns is seriously raised by the presence of these heavy metals.

(notes from a lecture at Hippocrates Health Institute)

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