Thursday, September 6, 2012

Papaya Dessert Balls

Papaya that is still firm and slightly green supposedly isn't that glycemic, so once in an eon I like to get a papaya and nibble at it. It's delicious with Chia Seed Pudding, in a salad, and it makes absolutely fantastic muffins! I made some muffins a while back with a rather ripe papaya and the muffins turned out custard-like - such a totally amazing muffin for having absolutely no sugar! I tried to replicate those muffins today, but since I always pretty much dump ingredients and don't measure but eyeball, every time the results are a wee bit different. This time they were a lot different ... the "muffins" stayed formed into balls very easily so I thought I'd bake them that way and see what would happen. Dessert balls! Fairly moist too.

Papaya is known for its digestive properties (although it digests best at 109 or 110F and so our bodies never can fully utilize its great digestive enzymes). We could all use some help with our digestion though, so I made these for me and of course my dad who is wild about papaya. The recipe pretty much follows the Nutty Spicy Muffin recipe, and this was the recipe I used when making the custard-like papaya muffins ages ago. However, a couple variations in this recipe are (1) this time I used no oats but stuck with freshly ground quinoa and millet flours, and (2) I no longer use nutmeg. Nutmeg has been directly linked with causing liver cancer and the person with systemic candida already has a toxic liver, so it's wise of me to avoid it.


Mix the dough until it holds firmly together so balls can easily be formed. Alternatively, pour a gooier batter-dough into muffin tins and make muffins. No matter what the consistency of the batter is, if the salt-to-dough ratio is right, these should taste just fine.

Bake them 25-30 minutes at 350F and then enjoy!

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