Monday, June 11, 2012

Supper (x2) Loaded w/ Vegies and Gravy

Was going through my picts and found two whole meals put together but somehow I just never got around to blogging on them. Well, since I forgot all of the ingredients and of course the measurements so this will just be eye candy ... and does it look good. Oh, btw, I quit eating cashews for the next few months as I intensify my detoxing diet and try to make another big effort to eliminate this bacteria. So this is really eye candy for me, because I just love cashew gravy and I remember this one being particularly tasty. Hints of home sun-dried tomatoes and maybe some fresh basil leaves. I've posted on this kind of gravy twice in the past - in a Cashew-Basil Gravy I and Cashew-Basil Gravy II made a couple months later. 


The following meal is also with lentils. I used to rotate my beans - lentils, black beans, garbanzo beans. But in early summer I noticed that I was bloating whenever I ate garbanzo beans so had to cut those delicious things out of my diet. I do agree though that they are very moldy beans, because whenever I try to sprout them, they start to get slimey after about 4 days of sprouting, and that sliminess is due to the mold that was inherently there and not what just happened to land on the beans while sprouting. Bummer! My diet feels like it has a big hole in it with that loss :(

Anyway, this meal also boasts of some kind of fancy sauce. It might have been made from sunflower seeds as the color is quite light. Whatever it was, it made my Garbanzo Bean "Mashed Potatoes" really good.

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