Saturday, June 9, 2012

Seokgye Doosan Apt - Heavy Metal Water Posting

My (previous) water situation at Doosan Apartments:

I would have posted this long ago but I didn't want my address disclosed while I lived there. I have since moved (very thankfully) and my present water situation seems much better. There are much MUCH less white flakey deposits around my kitchen sink and I hardly notice the deposits off water drips in my dish drainer where at Doosan I could clean the dish drainer and immediately after washing a round of dishes, there would already be white deposits lining the edges where water drops had fallen. And if I boiled water at Doosan, there would be a white scum deposit on the bottom of the pan. I started double washing my pans because of the problem. Stupidly (in hindsight) when my apartment contract was up, I didn't feel like going to look for another apartment even though I was starting to think that the apartment water wasn't quite right. it was some time before I started noticing a pattern of an increase in the poor water quality and the amount of excavations in the stream right next to my apartment. Oh I could kick myself for signing another 2-year contract because it was shortly after signing that contract that I confirmed the tap water as being the cause of my problems ... at least bad for me and bad for my cats.

I do think it VERY IRONIC that the only time in 4 years that I lived in the Doosan Apts that there was a posting concerning the heavy metals in the water. VERY IRONIC indeed! The following posting was put up in all the apartment buildings, including the elevators so everyone would see it, and it stayed up for at least a month. I took this picture on 26 October 2009. So interesting that when I was having my worst problems with the water that there suddenly was a water report in all the buildings ... and never again. Hmmmm!

According to the chart above, everything falls within the legally accepted range for "normal". What is not tested here is arsenic, copper (because of copper piping), and of course a host of other things, including bacteria. It would take a lot of expensive testing to regularly do all the "necessary" testing to assure water safety for citizens. Anyway, I should NOT have been drinking the tap water, and wow, who would have thought that a person had to give filtered water always to pets too?

The stream to my north and the tributary to my east ... the northern stream was dug out almost continually after I got there. The city is building some kind of leisure walkway along the stream but they chose a very lousy place for that as the stream gets badly flooded in the spring and early summer (monsoon season) and virtually dries up in the summer.
I lived for 2 years in apt bldg #101 and then moved to #103 for a second 2-year stint. Almost the entire last 2 years I knew I had made a serious mistake because I noticed that whenever the little stream to the north got plundered with heavy equipment, which was at least 2-3 times a year for extended periods of time, the water would have more white deposits around the sink. I was carrying filtered water but I had to use the apt water for washing my many vegies and I just plain didn't feel well. Whenever I came back from my vacations to the states (usually 4-5 weeks), I would relapse as soon as I returned. Feeling poorly was one long on-going evil experience.

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