Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zucchini-sauce Pizza

I seem to post a lot on gluten-free pizza. It's not that I make a lot of pizza, but it is that I don't follow a recipe each time but experiment with different ingredients each time, and so the pizza outcomes are very unique and (usually) quite tasty. Since I'm back in Korea, and with an oven in my own home now, I thought I make a pizza, but with ingredients that I can get here. Sigh, I miss our home-made smooth basil pesto. That made the best pizza sauce substitute in the world!

My pizza crust turned out very well, but who would have thought to put riced raw cauliflower in their crust? Or make a zucchini-sauce dressing since tomato sauce is too acidic and store-bought tomato sauce always-and-always has citric acid in it anyways? And who would put the tangy sesame leaves on their pizza? Well, thought I'd do some big time revisions of a typical recipe.

The crust turned out very well. In fact, in appearance it looked like it had been sprinkled with parmesan cheese. In flavor, it was wonderfully full-flavored. In texture, well, in texture I spread it a bit too thick so while the toppings were well-cooked, the pizza dough needed to be put back in the oven another 10 minutes ... that is kind of typical with gluten-free flour mixes; they are heavier and take longer to bake. Ah well.

Since tonight was experimentation night, I didn't bother with measurements. I would tweak all the recipes a bit, but I would definitely change the green topping. The pile of tangy sesame leaves was just too overpowering to the other flavors, and although the minced garlic and olive oil drizzle on top mixed very well with the leaves, next time I'll mix spinach and other greens with the sesame to give a hint of tanginess and not a powerhouse mouthful of tang each time.

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