Friday, March 23, 2012

Steamed Vegies over Chickpea Soup

The nights I come home to a fresh crockpot of slow-cooked garbanzo beans are my favorite. I am so in love with my Garbanzo Bean "Mashed Potatoes" in both taste and ease in putting a grand spread on! This is the night I'm usually carb-free but with a side-dish of a couple of steamed vegies, a salad of some kind, and a pile of my "mashed potatoes" with an occasional sauce, I feel grand!

Tonight I made the "mashed potatoes" thinner by adding more garbanzo bean broth and a bit more coconut oil and garlic for more of a soup-base "exotic" flavor. Oh yum! A person can't go wrong with this kind of "mashed potatoes"! In a hurry I quickly steamed frozen cauliflower and okra, liberally sprinkled the tops of the vegies with turmeric and sea salt and the meal was finished with a leftover small salad from the fridge. Perfect for an evening out on the town. So toodles till next time!

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