Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cashew-Basil Gravy w/ Vegies II

Oh, the Cashew-Basil Gravy w/ Vegies was so good a couple weeks back that I thought I'd make it again but with different vegies. Actually, I used more cumin and turmeric and this came out very much like cashew curries I've eaten in Pakistani and Himalayan restaurants. While I really like the curry effect without using peppers of any kind, I was really wanting that soft sweet subtle hint of basil that so complimented the baby limas, which I also didn't use tonight. The turnip leaves complemented the curry better, and it really was good. I'm not posting any ingredients and certainly not amounts, but here are picts to document and replicate the process:

And then to make a salad. Since a Russian friend came and really pigged out on strawberries which are so expensive back in Sakhalin, I've tried to occasionally nibble a couple of strawberries and expand my diet. I know I could certainly use a little more variety and vitamins in my diet. So, tonight a strawberry baby bok choy salad. And isn't it lovely for a White Day meal?!?! (White Day is celebrated one month after Valentine's Day in Korea and Japan. On Valentine's Day the women give men chocolate, and on White Day men give women candy.)
Strawberry Baby Bok Choy Salad
strawberries, sliced
baby bok choy, cut up
hemp seeds, tossed throughout

Altogether two salads (including a cucumber-dill salad) and the Cashew-Basil Gravy served with brown rice.

And why waste a lot of time just cooking for one meal. I always make a big meal so that after eating supper I can box a meal for lunch the next day ... for work, meeting friends in a restaurant, for travel, boxed lunches are great!

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