Friday, March 14, 2014

Making Raw Dressings Creamy

I'm really trying to eat a lot of sprouts as they are so rich in enzymes and nutrients and really boost my overall immune system while loading me up with energy. Those are some of the great positives, but the downside of eating so many sprouts is they get rather b-o-r-i-n-g and need some enhancing. I'm learning though on how to make dressings to give them a little lift.

Until now, I've eaten a lot of lemon and olive oil based dressings. In fact, they are my standby and I always have one made up in the fridge to drizzle over a quick salad or occasionally over steamed broccoli.  

Experimenting with Creamy Dressings

At the moment I'm experimenting with creamy dressings, but they take a little more creativity, especially as cashews, the ultimate for making a cream sauce, are moldy by nature and therefore are inflammatory.

So far, I've found a few key ingredients to make different kinds of creamy dressing : with sunflower seeds, with macadamia nuts (expensive), with gently blended zucchini or yellow squash (can become watery though), and with daikon, turnip, or parsnips (unfortunately, as root veggies are loaded with starch and therefore breakdown quickly into sugars, they are still no-nos to me).

This dilly cream sauce turned out beautifully in consistency, but needs a little tweaking with amounts before I post the recipe. The consistency was wonderful, however, and the creaminess was not watery the next day as most things are with cucumbers blended in them. Anyway, the ingredients were sunflower seeds, cucumber (for moisture), onion, garlic, fresh dill and salt.

I loved the dill flavor in this! Almost have a great recipe figured out!!!

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