Friday, May 31, 2013

Allopathic Cancer Blood Test

While at HHI, I met a lady who had breast cancer and in the long process of getting diagnosis and looking for a natural way to treat her cancer, she was introduced to a CNP / RNCP (community nurse practitioner / registered nutritional consulting practitioner). 

The practitioner did not and does not give diagnosis. What she gives is an understanding of an individual's blood pathology so that with diet and lifestyle change, alternative approaches to healing, the individual can follow and hopefully manage the pathology outcome with alternative lifestyle rather than invasive medical procedures and therapies. 

Candida will show up in the blood, so my friend shared her blood pathology write-up with me. She pointed out that different kinds of organisms have different shapes, and the pathology form has a simple drawing of each organism. Of the 25 possible organisms that her blood test was concerned with, 8 organisms showed up in larger quantities than desirable. The quantities are generally categorized on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 recorded as having severely high numbers. Her outcome was one "5", two "4s", four "3s", and one "2". The "5" outcome read:
"RBC Bottle Caps - Membrane damage. Free radical damage from environmental toxicity. Poor fat digestion, low EFA's, minerals. Low energy, poor circulation."
Because my candida is now over a five-year-long issue and because I've read tons and tons on the Internet and tried tons and tons of natural therapies and made huge lifestyle changes but my candida yet remains, my friend recommended that I find a specialist who could give me this kind of pathology. With the pathology and specialist to see areas of focus I as yet don't know about, I could have a 6-month follow up for another analysis to monitor progress or lack of progress. Not a bad idea! Now I just have to find someone who can do such an intensive blood analysis. It's kind of hard in Korea finding a nutrition specialist, and absolutely no one I have asked knows of anyone who does blood testing even remotely related. 

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