Sunday, March 17, 2013

7 Healthy Habits

There's a lot to be said about living a healthy lifestyle. Eating well is not the only requirement of being healthy. The famous lifestyle center, The Golden Door, teaches lifestyle change and blogger Kathy of Healthy. Happy. Life. 100% Vegan blogged on her experience at the elite modern Japanese-like decor lifestyle center. In her 7 Wellness Habits I Picked Up at the Golden Door Kathy shares what she learned from the Golden Door lifestyle center on what a person should do to incorporate more well-roundedness in healthy living.

The 7 lifestyle habit summary:
1. Follow the sun. Wake earlier, sleep earlier.
2. Make tea-drinking a habit! After meals and late-afternoon tea times help to warm, hydrate, calm hunger cravings and ease digestion, not to mention the many tea antioxidants available to you.
3. Exercise, but try new things when it comes to exercise, and have fun doing it! So many options exist, from zumba to tap dancing. Fitness can be FUN!
4. Eat slowly. Avoid eating in haste, but actually dine when you eat. Practice mindfulness with each bite.
5. Be adventurous! Embrace your adventurous spirit in all you do. Fear nothing. Try everything. Live to the fullest. Dream big and live big!
6. Fruit. Veggies. Fruit. Veggies. Add them to your meals, snacks and eat them all day long. They are the healthiest foods on earth! Eat them raw with all their live and healing juices energizing you with live and healing strength.
7. Just MOVE. Whether you are taking out the garbage or taking a cardio class, find time in your day to move the amazing body you were given. Get that heart pumping and oxygen flowing. Moving more WILL give you more energy as well as improve your mood and metabolism. Just move, move, move!
Some of the pictures Kathy shared in her blog really focus on relaxation, heathy eating, hydration, rest, hygiene, and sunshine.


  1. Hi Cheryl ,
    I really appreciate your blog. I was going to start the strict version of the candida diet you have listed on your site. I have desperately been battling candida (Main symptom being yeast infections ) for a little over 9 months now. I went to my holistic doctor tried many anti fungul treatments and tried a loose version of the diet with no results :(. It has been very discouraging . I was wondering if all the recipes you have listed would be ok for the strict version of the diet...I feel pretty limited in what I can have and if I could make those recipes I think this would be livable. Are there any specifically I should avoid? I'm drawn to the flatbreads most of all because of my lack of any sort of bread. Anyways I would love to not be anonymous and maybe contact you via email for more advice . I just wasn't sure how active you were on your blog. Any advice would be helpful , thank you :)

  2. Hi Anonymous :)
    I haven't been so active here since I went to a 3-wk raw food detox at Hippocrates Health Institute in FL. Got out of the habit of blogging but will pick it back up when the new semester starts.
    Sorry to hear about your battle, but you and people like you are the reason I built this blog ... I was soooo frustrated with the medical world and had to research so much alone. I think everything in the recipes are pretty much OK (the rose hips would be a no-no as they're quite glycemic ... and quite delicious for someone who's been off sugar for four years! I've been a bit more relaxed with the diet in the past 6 months (the occasional root vegie) but I'm still ultra careful. The green leafy vegies are the big secret for getting well. The chlorophyll in them is what trasports toxins out of the blood, but vary your green vegies and don't eat vegies that are rich in oxalates (spinach, kale, a couple more) every day because the high concentration of oxalates will mess with vitamin A & D. I learned the hard way.

  3. BTW, look me up on FB and send me a message. I'm the Cheryl Magnant working at Korea University.