Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Molar Extraction and Pain-killer Soups

Today, finally after 3 1/2 years of living with a cracked and repaired molar, I got it pulled! Yes! Systemic candida is also perpetuated by bacteria that gets into the gums, especially in infected teeth, and though the infected tooth may be "cleaned out" and capped, the bacteria still resides deep in the gums and still feesd the blood flow with the infected bacteria.
I have been rather worried about my cracked tooth for a long time. It cracked at the height of all my health problems over 3 years ago, and my teeth for the first time in my life were nasty. Loads of bacteria, bad breath, plaque, and inflammation in the throat. [The scaling given by the hygienist turned my bad mouth and health situation around and I actually started getting batter.]
Once the hygienist finished the scaling, the dentist came over the see the damage of the cracked molar. Yikes! He injected me with whatever they use to anesthetize the tooth, I had a throat-tightening reaction. Very scary! I told the dentist he better quickly treat me before the stuff wore off because my body couldn't take any more injections that would affect the throat. I made him work without taking a break because I was so nervous. I'm sure that's why he told me my tooth didn't need to be capped. He insisted it was a good decision not to cap that tooth. I think he was unnerved about my reaction (and of course I was too) and that he didn't want to risk it. I didn't want to risk it either so told myself that when/if it cracked again, I was going to get that thing pulled.
Two years later, last fall, it was cracked again and the dentist absolutely insisted that the tooth was still good and could be repaired. What? So I have to go in every two stupid years to get the thing repaired?! But he wouldn't pull it. So I told him matter-of-factly that next time it was coming out. He accepted that probably thinking next time was way down the road. Well, "way down the road" turned into about four months.
As of the end of February this year, my job is finished and I have been planning to leave Korea - all rather sudden because back in November when we were to submit our letters for extending our contracts, I was feeling really bad again so submitted my letter of resignation. I was having water reactions again. I quickly figured out a deficiency of vitamin E was involved but it took over a month to figure out that I was also consuming inadequate amounts of magnesium. What clued me in to that was the water reactions themselves. If a person is having water reactions to most waters and even distilled water, then there has to be a problem with the person's electrolytes. Ah ha! And if it is an electrolyte problem, then there's a problem with the sodium-potassium pair or the calcium/magnesium pair. I thought about it a bit and decided it was most likely a problem of low magnesium, a typically under-consumed electrolyte. So I started feeding myself magnesium-rich foods and ... the reactions that the vitamin E didn't clear up, disappeared! Wow!
Anyway, because I had handed in my resignation and someone has taken my position, I am now jobless and therefore insurance-less come March 1. So I decided, "OK, let's get that evil molar out before the insurance expires." So today was the day.
That molar was indeed evil. It had some incredibly deep and tenacious roots. I saw that dentist easily pull a man's molar about a year ago, but there was nothing easy about pulling mine. He twisted back and forth and I could feel a big strain on my right jaw joint (the left was heavily anesthetized ... but I feel it now!). Finally, it just wasn't budging so he got what looked like an ice-pick or walnut-pick and had to gouge it out a bit. Well, that baby finally came out ... and yep, there was a very visible crack that went way down the tooth, which would have been well below the gum-line. Yes! It's finally out!
Afterwards, I went walking for three hours in the sunshine to boost circulation so the dental toxins would more quickly be stirred to go out of my system. But on the way home, the drugs were starting to wear off and I could feel the pain coming. I started planning what to eat to "fix" that problem, and the food had to be soft. Yep, lots of vegies, especially vegies that are anti-inflammatory. So by the time I got home, I had it figured ... and I included a handful of  cherry tomatoes, the only inflammatory food in the soup, to round out the flavor:
Anti-inflammatory Soup
2 cups garbanzos (cooked) + 1-2 cups garbanzo bean broth
1 large onion sliced
2/3 zucchini, sliced
2-3 stalks celery sliced*
4-5 cloves garlic
1 large knob ginger
20 sesame leaves**
2-4 stems green onions, sliced**
1 handful cherry tomatoes*
4 tablespoons coconut oil
1 teaspoon cumin*
2 teaspoons turmeric*
1 teaspoon rosemary*
3/4 teaspoon Himalayan salt*
2-4 cups water
Throw all ingredients above that have no stars in the pot and turn on the heat. After the onion becomes translucent, add the ingredients with one star (*) and cook on a medium simmer for just a few minutes to soften them. Then add the ingredients with two stars (**); stir them in and cook only a minute or two. Turn off the heat, and serve. [All vegies should be cooked soft but not overcooked so as to kill all the enzymes or all their natural flavor.]
My tooth and very sore jaw weren't too happy with a hearty soup so I blended the soup and sipped it. And as soon as I had had a few sips, the pain started easing, and by the time I'd sipped up a big bowl, the pain had really diminished!


The blended version. My left jaw joint was hurting worse than my gouged gum, so opening my mouth just enough to
spoon the soup in was all I needed. The jaw actually started to loosen after I'd taken a few sips.
After the main course, I still wanted to make sure that I had a lot of enzymes in my body, and of course chlorophyll. Both of them are very good for removing, or at least, masking pain. So I washed a big basket of some kind of green leaf in the cabbage family, meaning these vegies have a lot of oxalates, so eating them every day or every other day could interfere with calcium absorption, but I hadn't eaten any oxalates for three or so days, so these vegies were chosen because they have a high water content. Also in the mix are a handful of spicy sesame seed leaves, one peeled cucumber, and half of a package of strawberries, which are acidic by the way. Usually because of my candida, I don't eat fruit, but lately I've been trying to add a few other nutrients in. The vitamin E and magnesium scare told me that my body is starved for better nutrition and I've micro-managed the inflammation maybe too carefully. I've got to try adding foods ... carefully ... and the strawberries are greatly out-proportioned by the green leafies so should be "safe" at this point.

After I juiced everything, I had close to 7 cups of juice. I drank about 3 cups immediately and the lingering gum pain just slipped away. My body was absolutely saturated in 90% green vegie juice, which is great as a natural pain killer ... and quite tasty with strawberries mixed in!!!

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