Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beanitos & Other Snackerables

Finally I found something in the store that I can eat, even on my ultra-strict candida diet! Beanitos! Black bean crackers! And I really like them. They're a bit heavier than the traditional stone ground corn cracker and with a tad less salt than I like, which prevents them from being addicting I think, but here's the real downside ... they aren't sold in Korea, so I only get them while in the States. Probably better that way because then they will always remain a treat.

Beanitos - available in the US only (sad!)
Brown Rice Crackers and sea salt - available at a health food store in Hoegi, Seoul
Onion Crackers (starchy though - boo) - available at foreign markets in Itaewon, Seoul
Until now, the only store-bought crackers I've considered OK to eat were a brown puffed rice cracker available in Korea at a health-food store in Hoegi, and a tapioca cracker at international market stores in Itaewon. Unfortunately on the latter though is that tapioca is a starch and starch converts easily to sugar so after getting a bit of phlegm build-up in my throat the last couple of times when I nibbled at those delicious Onion Crackers (ingredients: tapioca starch, coconut oil, garlic, sea salt), I decided to exercise great will-power and walk disdainfully (but longingly) past them. Sigh, those were some awesome tasting crackers!

My raw homemade crackers - blended up vegies, sprouts with some whole lentil sprouts remaining
My raw homemade crackers - and ugh, I can't remember what these were made of but all vegies for sure!

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