Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Restarting the Blog

If I were to rename this blog, I would call it:

"Spit in the Eye of the Dragon: Triumphing over Candida!"

Well, I'm not triumphing in the sense of conquoring, but I am living a normal relatively symptom-free/pain-free life, and that is important! I really try not to focus on my health, particularly hard when I hurt, hurt, hurt and had brain fog so bad that long sentences were sometimes weirdly constructed and I um-ummed a lot trying to recall words. As a linguist, I noticed that nouns were the principal words that I had difficulty remembering, and remembering names got terribly hard. (There's a definite link with memory loss of nouns, including people's names, on days that I eat too many carbs, fruit or nuts that haven't been washed properly so are dusty-moldy.) I've also noticed much to my chagrin that my awesome sense of spelling isn't so spectacular anymore, and my handwriting has changed and gotten rather scratchy at times. There are definite links to behavior change as well as cognitive changes with candida out of control, and recently, because I had gained confidence from several months of feeling pretty good, I added some apple and Asian pear to my diet .... sugar, returning symtoms to the left side of my body, I'm not ready to expand my diet yet, so have to back up before I relapse yet again.

Two nights ago, I started another CandiGone 15-day program (by Renew Life). I did one back in the spring with very good results, but over the summer from my reading I realized I hadn't done the getting-rid-of-candida steps properly, so I started over at ground zero. The proper steps are:

1st - do a parasite cleanse
... - (for me) do a kidney cleanse*
2nd - do a candida cleanse (up to 3 mths then take a healing break)
3rd - do a maintenance GI cleanse at every change of the season, or at least 2 times a year

Why start the blog again?

Ergh, on emoting! Emoting and the whine of the mosquitoes are about one and the same, and so I couldn't bear this blog, even though my intent was that someone in the future could likely benefit by all the research I've done and horrendous experiences I've gone through. My aim was to prevent people from having the huge frustrations that I had. But writing on my negative feelings and aches and pains was contrary to how I was starting to feel, so I dissed the blog and pursued happy thoughts and a steady improvement in the quality of life.

However, a few days ago a friend and I were dialoging on Facebook and come to find out, she's struggling with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis complicated by a car accident injuries. Not nice. Very not nice! She sounded like me when I was depressed and in my deepest fog ... and so I decided to start up the blog again to maybe help her and so many others like her (and wow, do I know so many people who either have autoimmune disease diagnoses already or are really having unidentifiable health issues ... guess I'm in the age category now that starts to feel the curses of fast living). Ah, but so I blog.

* In the spring and over the summer I did 3 liver cleanses (more on that in a later entry) and after 3, it is important to cleanse the kidneys as they are very delicate and can incur serious harm if not taken care of properly, so I had to do a kidney cleanse before doing any more other types of cleansing.

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