Thursday, April 4, 2013

Raw Food Centerpieces

During my three-week stay at Hippocrates Health Institute, two or three times a week a beautiful raw food centerpiece was added to the food line. These usually appeared on the two days a week when nuts were included in the menu. The idea of not eating nuts every day is that they can be rich and many people have GI track difficulties and therefore have trouble evacuating, and because nuts can get caught in old fecal matter or in pockets, it's best to initially detox without eating them. This is a large reason for limited nuts to only two to three times a week during the initial detox but it's also  recommended by HHI as a lifestyle choice even after leaving HHI. If more reasoning is needed for limiting nuts, I once heard a health lecturer say that eating more than 40 grams of nuts a day is rough on the kidneys. Hmm, there seems to be some sense in that so I try to control myself ... but I have to say, nuts are one thing that I really enjoy eating, probably because they give me a lot of energy.

Not sure of the ingredients, but I'd guess broccoli and sunflower seeds as a base.
Whatever it was, no one was complaining!

Pepper Pecan Pate
Just an aside:  For people with candida, eating only certain kinds of nuts are recommended - walnuts and almonds are best. Cashews are very moldy, and HHI absolutely does not serve them, not to mention that there are almost no sources where cashews are truly raw as they are almost always irradiated when coming into the states. I read that pistachios are as moldy as cashews, but they do appear occasionally in a salad here at HHI. When I asked Ken Blue, the executive chef, if they were considered a moldy nut too, he had never heard that. Anyway, everyone does there own specific research, but it's nice to be aware that there pistachios might not be such a good choice for people with candida.

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