Friday, March 15, 2013

Leaves and Strawverry Juice

The market had a small package of luscious strawberries (yes, the promise of spring!) and since I've been doing much better health-wise, thought I would treat myself with a little fruit in my always so green, green, green juice. And btw, even though there appears to be a lot of strawberries in this picture, they're laying on a thick bed of iceberg lettuce, sesame seed leaves and one or two other green leafies. I wanted a lot of red in my picture but when looking at the pict, I realize the picture in retrospect is a bit misleading on the amount of fruit-sugar used. Suffice it to say, though, that there was more in this meal than in any other within the past two years.

The fruit juice had a very strawberry taste ... so nice! But this was actually a treat and is not to be confused with an everyday or frequent practice. Combining fruits and vegies is never a great ideas as fruits and vegies take different enzymes in the digestion process, and this little treat I'm sure did confuse my gut on how to digest the yumminess ..... but it sure was goooood!

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