Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sugar- & Gluten-free Red Currant Scones

With red currants, chestnut pieces and whole almonds laced by swirls of tart cherry concentrate and coconut oil, this scone-pie creation looked a marvel! The ingredients are simple, the mixing is as easy as pie, and the taste is extraordinary. And the most amazing thing is, this is totally and completely sugar-free and sugar-substitute free!
Red Currant Scones

1/2 batch of Sugar- & Gluten-free Waffles
5 chestnuts, quartered or cut in eighths
1 large handful of almonds
2 tablespoons red currants, fresh or frozen
1+ tablespoon tart cherry concentrate
2 tablespoons coconut oil
cinnamon for dusting
Pour the waffle mix in a heavily coconut-oiled and gluten-free flour dusted pie dish. Drop the red currants evenly onto the top of the batter. Arrange the almonds and chestnuts on the top as desired. A drizzle of thin tart cherry concentrate over everything, and then two drizzles of coconut oil over everything. The coconut oil is what gives the scones a bit of a glazed look. Dust all with cinnamon and bake on 350F for [sorry, I forgot how long].

Break them into scone shapes and serve hot or cold.

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