Monday, June 4, 2012

Aulait's Bloodwork

On April 17 Aulait had blood drawn to find out why she was so sluggish, listless, and just sick overall. Oh my poor baby, it turned out that she had liver problems, gall bladder problems and very low white blood cells ... those were the three biggest problems. Oh, so sad! While I can do liver cleanses for myself, I had no idea how to clean out Aulait's affected liver and gall bladder. I know that when the liver registers as being bad on a test, then the liver is already 60% or more impaired ... oh poor baby!

Anyway, I'm posting Aulait's bloodwork. One day when I have time to research this better and as I gain more knowledge about treating bacteria or eating better for my own health problems, maybe I'll come across something that I should have, or at least, could have, done for Aulait to better stabilize her health. I know that Cafe, my other cat, could have been greatly benefited by barley green powders and other healing powders if I would have known about them as nutritional therapy back when she was having her kidney crystals 3 years ago. I improved a lot when treating Aulait's health issues and my own.

As for the following blood panel charts, the second chart is especially hard to understand as there are no normal-ranges. I'm just posting all 3 blood panels in the order that they were given on April 17 - respective times for the following tests are 5:41pm, 5:47pm, and 6:03pm. Given Aulait's history of thrombocytopenia, I would have given the third test first, but I wasn't the vet. (My original vet would have immediately tested those points as he was the one who diagnosed Aulait with thrombocytopenia almost 2 1/2 years ago. I moved and so took Aulait to an English speaking vet because it's very hard to explain medical problems and nearly impossible to understand them in Korea and wanted to discuss some points with the vet this time ... although my last vet was awesome about writing down the Latin and I could look up those points later - but then that was the problem, later, and I always have questions.)

LOL! The cat's eyeview of a hot cat!

Aulait was treated with prednisone and two other serious drugs before I thought to ask what the vet was giving her. I was stunned! I didn't want my cat getting STEROIDS. Prednisone is steroids and if she had candida like I thought, then there would be many side effects from the steroids actually FEEDING the candida! I experienced this - absolutely horrendous! But a shot can't be undone, and really there were no alternatives, so I probably would have had to agree in the long run.

After that, I watched her so carefully to see if she would have problems. She seemed to have a bit less energy - she didn't have much to begin with - than before for about 10 days, and then for the next 10 days she really picked up! And I started looking for a caretaker for her while I would be on vacation ... but then those optimistic thoughts utterly crashed as she rapidly declined again, and lower than before. The only bright times during the day were in the afternoons when she hadn't eaten for a while and she would feel a bit playful.

But inevitably, she would go hypo (as before), and as soon as she went hypoglycemic or had eaten (food reactions!), she would yowl at me to help her. If I didn't move, she would curl up in a pitiful ball and try to sleeeeeep away her misery.

I don't think the prednisone benefitted Aulait. The vet was surprised that she hadn't "picked up" after 3-4 days ... but if she had candida like I thought, then the prednisone was not the solution to the problem. What were my choices though? I had syringed nutrients into her mouth off and on for a couple of years and was just clueless about what more to do. Some day ... hopefully ... I'll find a better solution. No human and no cat should have these awful experiences!

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