Friday, May 25, 2012

Cookies by Accident

It's a joy when a mistake becomes a delicious addition to a meal, and tonight I made another flaming mistake. For the last few days I've really been wanting some more waffles. But since I usually just eyeball measurements I really flubbed tonight and stuck the waffle iron together ... for the second time this week. Erghh! But I know what the problem is ... too much rice flour which makes the waffles too gummy. So I tried to fix yesterday's gummy mess by adding in a half of a cup of buckwheat flour and a little more oil. Nope, it didn't work for waffles, and it didn't work for pancakes. Both just made a royal mess.

Well, I didn't want to toss the mixture so thought that if I baked it as pancake breads, they might turn out as harder pancakes, but at least they would be pancakes. Last time (not just yesterday) I made waffles, I gummed the waffle iron together and had to pry it open, and of course couldn't make any more waffles till I soaked the burnt crispies out. So with the remaining waffle batter, I dropped big spoonfuls on a greased cookies sheet ... only to have the cookie-waffles stick terribly to the sheet. Ugh, not nice.

So tonight, I not only greased the cookie sheet with coconut oil but also liberally sprinkled flaxmeal over it where I would be dropping spoonfuls of waffle batter. And hurrah! My sticky messy globby batter made wonderful cookies. Hmmmm, must write the recipe down next time. I do know it was about 45% black rice, 35% millet, and perhaps 10% buckwheat with flaxmeal, coconut oil, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, sea salt.

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