Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Heavy on the Vegie" Supper

Some days I feel like I really need to eat more vegies and fewer carbs. The carbs really feed the candida or any bacteria I suppose, and so tonight I made a special "heavy on the vegie" supper. With a small portion of brown rice and an equally small portion of lentils, I have enough to maintain weight provided I eat three meals equivalent to this a day.

The vegies in this meal are really good for their low glycemic count and are joyfully listed among the foods best for weakening the grip of candida in the GI track, well, except for the tasty tomatoes. I think I'm eating a few too many of them as I tend to notice tomatoes appearing in many of my photos. I've only been enjoying them again since this past summer, but I guess I'm going overboard. Sigh. And they've been my favorite "vegetable" since I was a wee kid.

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